Gretchen Barretto' Secret to Young Skin: Collagen Drink

5:22 AM

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Just seen this on Rated K: Gretchen Barretto's secret fountain of youth is her collagen drink. I wasn't able to see what brand of collagen drink she takes, but for the uninitiated, here is what you need to know about collagen drinks:

Olay Natural White Review

8:57 AM

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This Olay Natural White Review is a bit overdue. I've been using the combo (day cream and night cream) for almost a year now. Hey, better late than never, right? So here's my two cents:

What are the Best Stretch Mark Treatments?

6:55 AM

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Stretch marks or striae are linear scars that develop when your skin is stretched out excessively, too quickly. When your skin stretches, this causes damage on the skin’s three layers (epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer). They are common to pregnant women or those who have gained too much weight. Sometimes, teenagers having hormonal surges also develop these unattractive scars.

EOS: The Best Lip Balm I've Ever Tried

9:47 AM

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 I have this previous post about where to buy EOS lip balm here in the Philippines; I created that post without even knowing how well EOS works!

I have had this dry smoochies problem since forever, and I've tried lots of balms to sooth my dry lips.


Glutathione Injection Not Legal---FDA

9:37 AM

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My guests here on this blog have one thing in common: the dream to have a fairer skin. Some of them must have resorted to various skin whitening treatments, including injectable glutathione. But what should they do now that FDA announced that glutathione injectables are not legal?

Skin Laboratory Glycolic Acid 35% Peel

5:51 AM

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Glycolic Acid is a topical peeling agent that is derived from sugar cane. It is one of the most effective, and most active AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids available.

Magic Milk Essence Whitening Beauty Series: Reviews Anyone?

8:43 AM

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The product is called Magic Milk Essence Whitening Beauty Series. The name sounds tacky for me.  I discovered later that the reason why it is called "series" is because there are lots of whitening products under this brand name. There's the lotion, the toner, face cream, sunblock and so on.

Skin Care Clinics in the Philippines: Metro Manila

12:55 AM

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Skin care procedures such as facials, diamond peel treatments, acne-removal sessions and whitening treatments are very popular in the Philippines. That is why there are dozens of skin care clinics here in the country. Here is a list of skin care clinics in Metro Manila.

Things You Need to Know About Diamond Peel

11:03 PM

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What is Diamond Peel?

Diamond Peel, also called Microdermabrasion, is a cosmetic procedure which generally sloughs off dead skin cells resulting to much younger and glowing skin. It is a fast, painless procedure that uses Microdermabrasion machine that releases fine natural diamond chips.

How to Whiten Dark Elbows and Knees

6:28 AM

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Have you noticed your elbows and knees being at least three shade darker than your skin? That is because the skin on your elbows and knees are generally dryer and rougher, which make them prone to darkening. Thousands of women (and men, too!) suffer from this. Here are some pointers to avoid and treat dark elbows and knees.

Glutathione: How Does it Work?

8:39 PM

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Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder. And in a country like the Philippines, “white is beautiful”. That’s primarily the reason why most of the popular beauty products that hit the market in the Philippines contain the so-called whitening ingredients such as papaya extracts and just recently, glutathione.

FAQ: Where Can I Buy EOS Lip Balm in the Philippines?

4:42 AM

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Readers are asking this same question: Where to buy EOS lip balm here in the Philippines?

Cheap Glutathione IV for P499 per Session

4:50 AM

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I just saw this Ensogo Deals promo and was very happy about this deal: Only 499Php per session of Gluta IV plus Vitamin C treatment at D' Spa and Skin Center. Take note that the original price per session is P1,500. That's 67% off!

Glutathione FAQ 1

9:54 PM

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I’ve been taking oral Glutathione supplement for a month now. How long will it take for me to have a noticeably whiter complexion?

Glutathione: Skin and Overall Health Benefits

9:45 PM

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Glutathione is an amino acid found in every living cell of any organism. It is known to be the Master Antioxidant, since it protects the body from a huge number of diseases or illnesses.


Glutathione Products Available in the Philippines

5:19 AM

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Glutathione is one of the most popular whitening treatment choice in the country. A couple of years ago, it became well-known because of the claims of those who experienced skin whitening through it. Back then, it only comes in pill or capsule form. Now, glutathione is way beyond the form of a pill.

Bacne Treatments: Here are the Best Ways to Cure Back Acne

5:44 AM

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Who wouldn't want a smooth and flawless back? If your back is full of acne (commonly known as bacne), you wouldn't be able to flaunt your back and wear backless shirts and bikini tops.

So, what are the best back acne treatments? What are the products suitable for stubborn bacne?

Moisturizers: Understanding the Importance of Moisturizers

1:18 AM

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Moisturizer is the most used cosmetics for men and women alike. It is so essential that one can’t leave the house without having it on. But here’s a personal secret:
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