Friday, May 20, 2011

Magic Milk Essence Whitening Beauty Series: Reviews Anyone?

The product is called Magic Milk Essence Whitening Beauty Series. The name sounds tacky for me.  I discovered later that the reason why it is called "series" is because there are lots of whitening products under this brand name. There's the lotion, the toner, face cream, sunblock and so on.

It claims to whiten the skin instantly. The question is: How does it do that? I can only imagine feeling sticky and all because I think it is some kind of a mask (masking me with white stuff... like glue?) Hmmm.... since we haven't seen any reviews about it, then all we can do is guess. 'Coz I ain't trying it, baby!

Well, I don't think this Magic Milk Essence Whitening Beauty Series can be purchased from drugstores like Watson's or Mercury Drug. But if you happen to see this line of whitening product on the local drugstores, kindly share it with us.

You can check out Multiply Sellers (and on Facebook, too) if you want to have a Kutis Koreana (really?). A lot of online sellers sell this whitening stuff.

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