Where to buy Emu Oil in the Philippines?

4:57 PM

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Emu oil is getting very popular in the Philippines. Emu oil is oil extracted

BeauOxi White Plus USA 5 in 1 Premium Glutathione| Feature

7:24 AM

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BeauOxi White Plus USA 5 in 1 is a brand of premium Glutathione tablets. It claims to whiten skin

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics FREE Sample

7:47 PM

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I've read them from several magazines such as Seventeen and Cosmopolitan, but still I haven't tried using this new line of mineral cosmetics

Pearlie White Blanc Perfect Professional Whitening Toothpaste Review

5:36 AM

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Pearlie White Blanc Perfect is a whitening toothpaste that uses Silica, Baking Soda, Xylitol and is

Underarm Whitening Treatments|What's the best treatment for underarm whitening?

7:41 AM

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Want white underarms but don't know how? Read this article about underarm whitening treatments available for you.

Dark underarms is one of the most common skin discoloration problems, especially with the ladies. There are several factors why we tend to have dark armpits.

Duromine for Weight Loss?

12:33 AM

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Back when I read PIMS for fun, I already knew what Duromine is. Duromine is a prescription

Olay Natural White Now Available in the Philippines!

9:13 PM

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Kikays rejoice!

I've heard that Olay Natural White is now readily available here in the Philippines! Olay Natural White was available years ago on other side of the planet but not sold widely here. It is a very popular whitening treatment products range. But now, I've seen the TV Ad and it means that it is now available at all leading drugstores and supermarkets!

Electric Toothbrushes for Teeth Whitening?

5:35 AM

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Some experts say that it is better to use electric toothbrushes with your whitening treatment toothpastes. Some says that this is not really necessary.

electric brush for teeth whitening
Here are the reasons why you SHOULD use electric toothbrush when using whitening treatment pastes:
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