Claire Blanche Glutathione

6:19 AM

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Claire Blanche is another popular glutathione brand. It claims to whiten the skin for as short as 1 month. The users of this product say that Claire Blanche glutathione is really effective.

Tathion 307

7:15 AM

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 Well, this is not a review but only a product feature. I've been reading many things about Tathion 307 lately. Some says that it is more effective than PH338 but some are claiming that the latter is still more effective.

Makari Product Review

11:59 PM

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 Makari is a popular skin care brand name all over the world. Makari products can be used if you are looking for skin brightening, skin whitening and complexion enhancement products.

Placental Protein Vs. Glutathione

10:01 PM

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For a couple of years now, the most effective skin whitener in the Philippines is Glutathione. This statement is based on surveys and the numbers of products released that contain Glutathione. But now, experts claim that there is another option, a more effective way to skin whitening. Placental Protein.

Amazing Touch Whitening Products

8:49 PM

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 I found this cream from RCC Amazing Touch and heard it was really effective! Amazing Touch Whitening Cream is available in RCC Amazing Touch Clinics Nationwide. I've seen one at SM Pampanga and another in Greenhills. Other Amazing Touch Whitening products include Whitening Lotion and Whitening Deodorant.

RCC Amazing Touch is popular for their DeWart and DeMole products.

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