Glutathione Products Available in the Philippines

5:19 AM

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Glutathione is one of the most popular whitening treatment choice in the country. A couple of years ago, it became well-known because of the claims of those who experienced skin whitening through it. Back then, it only comes in pill or capsule form. Now, glutathione is way beyond the form of a pill.

Bacne Treatments: Here are the Best Ways to Cure Back Acne

5:44 AM

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Who wouldn't want a smooth and flawless back? If your back is full of acne (commonly known as bacne), you wouldn't be able to flaunt your back and wear backless shirts and bikini tops.

So, what are the best back acne treatments? What are the products suitable for stubborn bacne?

Moisturizers: Understanding the Importance of Moisturizers

1:18 AM

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Moisturizer is the most used cosmetics for men and women alike. It is so essential that one can’t leave the house without having it on. But here’s a personal secret:
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