Saturday, July 31, 2010

Claire Blanche Glutathione

Claire Blanche is another popular glutathione brand. It claims to whiten the skin for as short as 1 month. The users of this product say that Claire Blanche glutathione is really effective.
AT first, you will notice that your skin is getting clearer, less acne-prone. You will feel better and get better sleep, and your bowel movement improves. For the beginning of the 2nd month, your skin will be noticeably lighter and brighter.

I can't find any proper reviews regarding Claire Blanche glutathione. If you are a Claire Blanche user, please share your experience with us. Whether Claire Blanche has a positive or negative effect to you, we hope that you can share your Claire Blanche experience with all of us.

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Chiara said...

I have tried Claire Blanche Advance Glutathione and it really works ive noticed a significant change and my skin became creamy textured and after 4 months of using it it improved dark spots and uneven skin tone on my skin as well :) I love it :)