Monday, August 16, 2010

Saluta IV Gluitathione| Feature

I am posting never ending topics about Glutathione. This is because it seems that Glutathione has never ending list of brands. Now, I'm featuring Saluta IV Glutathione.
Like some of my posts about glutathione, this is not a review. This post is only a mere list of facts about the brand Saluta.

Like all Glutathione brands, Saluta is an anti-oxidant, and claims to whiten skin and give skin a glow. The difference of Saluta IV is, it's an injectable! (read I V is intravenous). Some dermatologists say that using injectable glutathione is more effective than the oral ones. Because when you inject it, it will directly enter the bloodstream unlike with the oral ones, which is said to be absorbed by the body only partially.

For those looking for a Saluta IV seller online, you can check Multiply sites that specializes in whitening tablets and other beauty products. Just make sure that you'll buy the authentic ones. I don't know how we can  distinguish authentic to fake ones. Maybe the best way is to buy Saluta from your dermatologist but I'm sure it would be more expensive.

If you really want to buy Saluta online, here's my tip: read first the comments of the previous buyers. Testimonials can be a real help. Look for the sellers that has hundreds of praises from its buyers. Good luck to skin whitening!

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