Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Placental Protein Vs. Glutathione

For a couple of years now, the most effective skin whitener in the Philippines is Glutathione. This statement is based on surveys and the numbers of products released that contain Glutathione. But now, experts claim that there is another option, a more effective way to skin whitening. Placental Protein.

Placental Protein is widely used in different cosmetics and dermatological preparations in Japan because of its superior whitening properties and its ability to speed up skin renewal. It makes skin look fairer, radiant and youthful by actively inhibiting the growth of melanin. And it does not stop at that. Placental Protein also contains active enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants that stimulate the renewal of skin cells, slowing down the skin aging process.

While Glutathione is known to make the skin fairer, and is also an anti-oxidant, Placental Protein is said to work faster. You can also read my previous post about Glutathione.

What do you think? Placental Protein or Glutathione? Comments are very much welcome.

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Kist said...

Hello, I just read this entry and now, I'm confused. I bought Mosbeau Placental White awhile ago and I've read other blogs about it that it wasn't effective at all.

I'd saddening cause I've already bought one. Haha!

So I want to know. Which one is better?

Thanks! :D