Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What are the best slimming tea in the Philippines?

Slimming tea is used mainly as a slimming solution. There are many brands of slimming tea in the Philippine market. I am not really sure what is the best brand of slimming tea in the Philippines, I guess it is all about trial and error. Please make sure that the brand of slimming tea that you choose is BFAD or FDA-approved.

Here are some of popular slimming tea brands in the Philippines:
  1. Biguerlai Slimming Tea- it uses laxatives such as Senna leaves and helps relieve constipation.
  2. Kankunis Herbal Tea- I've heard about this slimming tea since I was a little girl, my aunts use this. It is also a laxative-based tea, and it is best to drink it before sleeping.
  3. Kankura Laxative Tea- like the first two teas, Kankura uses laxatives to help promote slimming and better digestion.
  4. Pearl White Slimming Tea- it is a slimming/laxative tea that claims to whiten skin as well.
 The best slimming tea depends on the brand that you use. Laxatives are not that safe compared to commonly used teas like black, oolong or green tea. Why not try drinking green tea? Green tea is known to be rich in L-Carnitine that boosts your metabolism and helps burn fat. Consult your doctor whenever planning to take slimming coffee, teas, or pills.