Thursday, March 11, 2010

KSA Magic Kojic Acid with Placenta and Glutathione|Product Review

KSA Magic Soap has 3 main whitening ingredients: Kojic Acid, Placenta and Glutathione.
To be able to do this product review, I requested 3 friends to use it for a month. They are all light-skinned to start with, but they have several sun spots, dark spots and their skin tone uneven.

Let's name my friends f1, f2, and f3 :)

f1: KSA Magic Kojic Acid with Placenta and Glutathione really helped in making my skin smoother. It peels away dead skin cells, and with every use, you will see that your skin is shedding lightly. Though, I find the soap a bit harsh on my skin, and it made my skin dry. But dryness and irritation can be soothed by moisturizing lotion (I used Jergen's Ultra-healing). After a month of use, my skin was fairer, and my freckles are gone!

f2: I guess the ingredients really work well together. Imagine Kojic acid, placenta and glutathione all rolled into one formula! I never imagined I will be lighter! You see that my skin was white, but not it is even whiter and rosier. The downside is, it seemed that I became sensitive to sunlight. I burn easily whenever I tried going out without umbrella or any sun protection. I guess using sunblock will help. But all in all, the soap is great, and it doesn't dry up my skin.

f3: From day 1, my skin started to peel. I always make sure that I use sunblock lotion before I go out. And I always moisturize and moisturize, because if not, my peeling skin looks like scales. I became whiter in just a month but already dry skin became really aggravated. I recommend this to those who have oily to normal skin.

I hope this review about KSA Magic Kojic Acid with Placenta and Glutathione soap will help you decide if you'll use it or not. KSA Magic Kojic Acid with Placenta and Glutathione soap is available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.