Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Electric Toothbrushes for Teeth Whitening?

Some experts say that it is better to use electric toothbrushes with your whitening treatment toothpastes. Some says that this is not really necessary.

electric brush for teeth whitening
Here are the reasons why you SHOULD use electric toothbrush when using whitening treatment pastes:

  • Electric toothbrush cleans the teeth better than manual toothbrush.
  • When your teeth are perfectly clean, whitening agents will be able to cling better.
  • Electric toothbrush can remove deep-seated teeth stains like food stain, coffee stain, etc.

Remember when choosing electric toothbrushes, it is better to use the ones that are brush head-changeable. If the heads are changeable, you can use the toothbrush longer and just change the brush head every now and then.