Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Underarm Whitening Treatments|What's the best treatment for underarm whitening?

Want white underarms but don't know how? Read this article about underarm whitening treatments available for you.

Dark underarms is one of the most common skin discoloration problems, especially with the ladies. There are several factors why we tend to have dark armpits.
Shaving and plucking are just two factors that contribute to underarm darkening. Another is allergic reaction to cosmetic products such as soap and deodorants. To prevent underarm darkening and maintain your white armpits on its immaculate whiteness, it is better not to shave or pluck. Laser hair removal is very advisable. Yes, this is pricier than shaving and plucking but in the long run, it is really a good choice. Not only that laser hair removal can remove unwanted hair PERMANENTLY, it can also help smoothen and lighten your underarm. But what if it is too late? What will you do if you already have dark underarms? What possible treatments can be used?

There are several treatments that can help whiten your underarms, there's the Underarm Bleaching, Underarm Peeling, Underarm Whitening Creams and things like that. You can also try this at home:

After bathing (before you sleep at night), dab lemon juice on armpits. Do this daily and you will notice that your underarm skin will improve. Another known whitening treatment for armpits is applying of powdered Aluminum Sulfate or Tawas here in the Philippines. A friend of mine swears with baking soda. I recommend using emu oil on armpits because it can really improve your underarm skin.

For more underarm whitening treatments, consult your dermatologist. If you happen to know any effective underarm whitening treatments, we will be very glad to hear from you, just leave a comment below!