Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top Whitening Products in the Philippines

Disclaimer: This is a list of whitening products available in the Philippines that are voted as the favorites of our readers. We do not endorse any of the products listed below.

Have you been jumping from one whitening product to another in order to achieve that luxurious complexion? Well, here is a list of the
best whitening products in the Philippines which you can start stacking in your beauty arsenal:

  1. Milk Essence Whitening Beauty Series - This is originally from Thailand. It is hypoallergenic that’s why it is ideal for all skin types. The set has the best whitening lotions n the market which can even out your skin tone. It can improve your skin texture and brighten your complexion. Note: As far as we know, this one is not tested and approved by the BFAD and is suspected to have mercury content.

  1. Mosbeau Placenta Whitening Supplement (All-in-One) - This is very popular because of its celebrity endorser and because of the way her photos are pasted in leading beauty shops. Basically, your skin whitens because of the benefits of placental protein which is the main component of this supplement. This set is working wonders not only as a skin whitening supplement but also as anti-aging and cell renewal agents.   

  1. Dove Whitening Crème - hailed as one of the best whitening products by our readers. It is very popular to men and women of different age groups. It’s amazing how this can be very gentle on the skin leaving your skin with a matte finish and a lighter complexion with your daily use.

  1. skin whitening products
    Dermaline Skin Whitening and Exfoliating Products – For those who have been suffering from pimple breakouts and blemishes, this skin lightening product can erase that nightmare in your skin history.  This brand has the best whitening lotions which have effective whitening results.

  1. St. Dalfour Whitening Cream - This leading brand in the league of skin whitening is known for removing pimple scars as well. You can say goodbye to your skin allergies and dark spots because this brand is one of the best whitening products in the Philippines. Nevertheless, make sure that you only get the original St. Dalfour, because we know that there are fake St. Dalfours out there that might cause adverse effects. You can read about our post on this product here.

  1. Papaya Kojic Acid Soap - This is voted as one of the best whitening soaps both for men and women. If you want quicker whitening results, you must use a Kojic soap all over your body.

  2. HBC Calamansi Soap and Calamansi Body Scrub - Another one of the best whitening soaps in the market right now is the Calamansi soap available at HBC Beauty Store. Many users are satisfied with the effective results they receive with this product.

  1. Marquee White Henna and Soap Chips - This tandem has been well-received by women who would like to engage in a do-it-yourself bleaching activity.  Among the best whitening products in the Philippines, this pair is considered to be effective and safe in brightening your skin .

  1. Etta’s Bleaching Powder – This is another trusted brand which you can include in your bleaching kit. Your skin will surely achieve that supple texture with a rosy tint.

  1. Perfect White Skin Whitening Tablet - This is supplement brand from Japan. Not only does it guarantee you a younger-looking skin but it also eliminates the production of the melanin which darkens the skin

Because each person possesses different skin types, your sensitivity to various whitening products can also differ. For your safety, it is ideal to try whitening products under your dermatologist's supervision.