Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lipo Cavitation and RF: An Effective Way to Slim Down Without Diet and Exercise?

I have read a lot of posts about the availability of Lipo-Cavitation in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, it has been available for a while now and many girls (and guys) have claimed to receive positive results. Really now? Is lipo cavitation that effective? I guess I have to say yes.

No, I haven’t tried the procedure. As much as I wanted, I just can’t these days because I’m preggo. But I bought 10 vouchers  of LipoCavitation/RF Treatment care of Zele Wellness Centre through Metrodeal. It was just P99 per voucher, but the clinic requires 2 vouchers per session.

My mom, who is 50 years old, used the vouchers and availed the said treatments. She is relatively slim, but with a huge puson, which she hates so much (well, who wouldn’t?). So, she visited the clinic (just 5 minutes away from our home) and availed a lipocavitation treatment. The result? After about 20-40 minutes, she lost 3 cm and 5 days after that, she returned and got an RF treatment to make loose skin (due to fat loss) tighter. 1 more lipocavitation and RF treatment later and she seems more satisfied. She is buying more vouchers to continue the sessions. She said her dream jeans now fit her perfectly! Sorry I don’t have photos to prove it, I don’t think she’ll allow me to post them anyway. Haha.

lipocavitation photo grabbed from lipofine.com

So how does Lipo-Cavitation work?

Lipo Cavitation is an out-patient liposuction procedure that is non-invasive, meaning, you won’t get cut-up like the traditional liposuction. The procedure uses a special machine that breaks down fat deposits around the problem area. The machine is used like an ultrasound machine and sessions last for about 20 minutes to one hour.

Is it best to pair this treatment with Radiofrequency treatment?

Yes. Most experts think so. Once you lose unwanted fats in your problem areas, they will tend to sag. Radiofrequency or RF treatments help tighten the skin and give you a firmer, younger look and feel.

How much is the treatment?

Most clinics offer their both lipocavitation and RF treatments in basically the same price. It is usually around Php 3,000-4,000 depending on the clinic. However, you may check group-buying sites for promos of as low as P99 per session. It’s a great deal, really.

What clinics offer Lipo Cavitation and RF treatments?

There are a LOT of clinics that offer these amazing services. Of course, there would be Belo, but I guess they are a bit pricey because you can compare them to a “Branded” bag na.

My mom availed hers at Zele, which has branches in Bataan and Malate, Manila. DermCare also offers these services, as well as Vela Body Care, Dermbeau essentials, Holy King Medical Clinic, Cathy Valencia, Skin Asia Dermatology Clinic, Skin Central, and many more. I’ll post a list of clinics that offer Lipo Cavitation and Radiofrequency Treatments in a separate post. :)

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