Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Underarm Whitening Treatments

Are you wondering how you can whiten your armpits at home? Here are some tips on how to whiten your underarms in the comfort of your own home. You can use easy-to-find ingredients as underarm whitening treatments.

  • Slice a lemon and rub it gently on your underarms just before you take a bath. Rinse well.
  • Apply baking soda on your underarms after bath to increase whitening effect.
  • Use coconut oil to keep your armpits moisturize thus, decreasing possible darkening caused by dryness.
  • Do not use deodorant or antiperspirants that contain alcohol.
  • Vitamin E oil can help in whitening underarm skin, too.
  • Better to wax than to shave. Shaving can aggravate underarm skin darkening.
  • Turmeric and lemon is a very good skin whitening treatment, you can also use this mixture on your underarms.
  • Avoid wearing tight shirts that can irritate underarm skin.

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