Saturday, September 26, 2009

Idol White Teeth Whitening (Feature)

Idol White Teeth Whitening
As I was researching for a good topic for this blog, I always find advertisements about whitening treatments, both for skin and teeth. I recently stumbled upon this ad about Kardashian Smile. Of course I'm familiar with the Kardashians, especially with Kim, so I turned out to be a bit interested so I clicked the ad. Then I found out about Idol White. I'm not really sure how to apply it since I never tried it. But Idol Smile Teeth Whitening Treatment looks like a pen, so I assume that it must be applied like a "bleach" pen for fabrics. Reviews claim that Idol White can give visible whiteness in a matter of minutes. But you can see your whitest white in as short as 6 days. Imagine, whiter teeth with no hassle in less than a week. Well, it's not for me to judge, because as I have said, I never tried the product. If you want to try this teeth whitening treatment yourself, you can have a free sample of Idol White if you visit this site.