Sunday, July 12, 2009

Best Sunblock Products for Men

Even men need skin protection. Being a male does not mean that you are protected against sun's harmful rays. Just like women, men should apply sunblocks or sunscreens. Here is a list of sunblocks/sunscreens made especially for men:

sunblocks sunscreens for men

MenScience TiO2 Sunblock SPF30- an ultra-lightweight moisturizing sunblock lotion. It is suitable for everyday use because it is non-greasy.

Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard with SPF 20- perfect for active men because it is oil-free and won't leave you feeling sticky even after a game or active sports. Can also be used on scalp.

Zirh Defend with SPF 15-it's from Shiseido, so you know that you are really getting a high-quality sunblock moisturizer.

DDF Organic Sunblock with SPF 30- this sunblock facial lotion is recommended for sensitive skin. It is organic and contains anti-oxidants to help minimize damage caused by previous sun exposures.

MD Skincare 60 Sun Pads with SPF 30- this sunblock comes in individual application pads that you just wipe on your face. This is also suitable for sensitive and irritated skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30-It is also fragrance free, PABA free, non-comedogenic. Although it gives SPF 30, it allows a bit of tanning for that very manly look.

Please don't go outdoors without any of these sunblocks on. UV rays from sun are really, really harmful and can make you look older than your age.