Monday, May 25, 2009

Nivea Body UV Protection Lotion Gave Me Skin Bumps!!!

'Hey. What's this?' I asked myself yesterday morning. I can feel something on my skin that were not here a week ago. My skin feels bumpy, like I have chicken skin all over! Of course I was alarmed! I haven't suffered any of these skin problems before, not until I used Nivea Body UV Protection Lotion. I purchased this a month ago but just started using it regularly last week, while on vacation. I doubt if I'm allergic with sunblocks because I use Myra E Sun Protect Face Moisturizer. Maybe I'm just sensitive to a certain ingredient Nivea Body has. I'll stop using it now. I hope my rashes or skin bumps or whatever you call it fade away. I hate my skin now. It's so rough and I used to have fairly smooth skin. Ugh. I'll update you later.