Monday, April 13, 2009


Home Remedies For Sunburn

It's summer time. Love the beach. Love the sun. But hate sunburn? Of course, who can ever love having a sun-burned skin? It's itchy, irritating and can give you a headache and even fever! Maybe you didn't put enough sunblock to protect you or worse, you didn't put any sunblock at all! So what are you going to do? Here are some tips on how you can deal with that sunburn after your sun-overdose.

1. Bathe as often as you want. Taking a cool bath can help sooth you sun-burned skin.
2. Apply Aloe Vera cream or calming lotion to the affected areas.
3. You can do nothing about the skin peeling, it is part of the healing process. You can just apply a cooling moisturizer with extracts like cucumber or aloe.
4. A sunburn can cause a headache or fever. It can also cause dehydration. Drink lots and lots of fluid to rehydrate yourself.
5. You can take aspirin to thin the blood and help make the healing of the burn faster.

If symptoms persists, consult your doctor/dermatologist.